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Wayward Writers Write/Share Zoom Sessions

Wayward Writers is an Ariel Gore related community which writers may join after taking a class with Ariel or in the Literary Kitchen with one of Ariel’s associates. Writers who have close relationships with a Wayward Writer and agree to abide with the spirit of our endeavor are also welcome to join in at the Wayward Writers Write/Share Zoom Sessions. 

Person writing. Wayward Writers Zoom Sessions is a fledgling, community-engaged effort. Started in November of 2020, with permission from Ariel Gore to associate the Wayward Writers name with this group, we acknowledge that we must take care to grow this group with awareness. Wayward Writers Write/Share Zoom Sessions are currently facilitated by Lasara Firefox Allen and Elisa Sinnett on Thursday nights, 5PM Pacific/8PM EST. Other co-hosts/facilitators are encouraged to volunteer. The Sunday Meetup is currently on pause, and volunteers are needed if we are also going to restart the Sunday gatherings.

This is not a writer’s workshop nor a class. We meet as a drop-in quick write supportive write-and-share community. We ask that you write to the prompt, or to what is moving to you in this moment.

  • Confidential space.
    • We meet to get our writing going and for fun and support. 
    • While this can be therapeutic, this is not therapy
    • Unless you have asked for permission first, do not share other people’s work/identities/story
  • Please be kind. 
    • Speak out of your own experience
    • No bigotry
    • No hate speech
  • Have good boundaries – respect good boundaries
    • Because these are short quick writes ranging from 5 – 10 minutes, criticism is generally discouraged unless the author asks for it specifically. 
    • Words of encouragement or saying “what works” in the piece has been our practice
    • Notice time spent giving feedback/words of encouragement, and respect time agreements
  • If something happens that violates community standards or agreements, please communicate with the facilitators

To join, please contact Elisa at and get on the mailing list. Prompts will be shared out at the Zoom Sessions and after.